Beauty How-To: Care For Oily Skin

Grease is not a word that a beauty monger likes to hear. It’s bad in your hair, on your clothes, and especially on your face. Oil build up makes you look sweaty and shiny, not to mention it will lead to gross clogged pores and breakouts. Learn how to put an end to your oily complexion after the jump!

Find a Routine for Your Skin Type:
A basic set includes a wash, toner and moisturizer. Though moisturizing may seem contrary to the goal, your skin needs it to keep elasticity and stay youthful looking.

Avoid Products That Harm Your Complexion:
Buy a moisturizer that doesn’t have excess oils in it and is meant for oily skin. Also avoid products that over-dry your face, like ones that contain propylene glycol or any kid of alcohol, and only wash a few times a day. Over-washing will cause your skin to produce even more oil.

Put Good In To Get Good Out:
Eat as many detoxifying foods as you can. This means load up on green vegetables, lean proteins and drink plenty of water.

Avoid Greasy Foods:
It makes sense that if you put grease into your body, your body will give you grease back. Avoid foods that are high in sugar, salt or fat.

Take Your Vitamins & Ask for Help:
A deficiency in B2 can cause oily skin. Take a supplement to make sure that you are not lacking. If all else fails, ask a qualified dermatologist for the best supplements and alternative skin care routines for you.