Wear A Little Piece Of Bling Courtesy Of Your Favorite Dead Celeb

I just discovered this really creepy company called LifeGem that creates diamond jewelry from a lock of hair or the ashes of a deceased loved one, or even a pet, for anywhere between $4,000 and $20,000. I’m not quite sure I understand the process, but they claim to create a jewel molecularly identical to a diamond from the carbon imprint of your deceased. Their motto is “Because love lives on …” Can’t we just stick to an urn? Do I really want to wear Aunt Ida’s remains around my neck?

But this could get interesting in the world of celebrity memorabilia. Evidently, the company is turning a bit of Michael Jackson’s hair, burned in that infamous Pepsi commercial, into a special Michael jewel. Hopefully it will go in a LifeGem encrusted glove? [LifeGem]

After the jump, some more celebrity Life Gem bling that we are looking forward to seeing auctioned off on eBay.