Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Are So Matchy Matchy

As kids, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen played one person — Michelle Tanner — on the TV show “Full House,” so it was a given that they’d dress identically back then. But these days, the sisters have perfected the art of coordinating outfits so they look similar but still distinctive. At JCPenney’s spring fashion show Tuesday night (left), the Olsens both put on short, belted dresses in dark colors. Last month, they attended the Elle Style Awards in London (right) sporting fur jackets on top of short dresses with long tulle overlays. The two probably figure they’ll be photographed together and might as well look good together, which isn’t that much different from calling up your friends before a night out to plan what you’re wearing. Do you coordinate outfits with friends so you’ll complement one another?