Jessica Simpson Discusses John Mayer And That “Mom Jeans” Fiasco With Oprah

On yesterday’s episode of “Oprah,” Jessica Simpson responded for the first time to John Mayer’s blabbermouth statement to Playboy — that she’s like crack in the sack. He, for the record, apologized to her in writing (email or text, we wonder) and she has not and doesn’t plan on accepting it. Good for her! After all the rumors about Jessica still pining away for Mayer, it’s nice to see her standing up for herself, but also seeming disinterested in his smarmy ass.

Jessica was, of course, on “Oprah” for reasons having nothing to do with John Mayer — she’s promoting her new TV show, “The Price of Beauty,” in which she travels to other countries to see what they view as “beautiful.” Body image issues are obviously something Jessica has had to deal with in the press — both willingly and unwillingly, in my opinion — and she told Oprah how she felt when that image of her wearing “mom jeans” was splashed across every tabloid as evidence that she was “fat.” Here’s the thing: I think it’s rad that Jessica seems to have come to terms with her body and loves her curves now. But there was a time when she was happy to show off her weight loss in magazine spreads, thus contributing to the mentality that thinner is better. Can’t have it both ways, sister — but maybe she’s realized that.