Beauty How-To: Give Yourself a Foot Treatment

Pedicures at a salon are a thing of the past. Why pay someone to do what you can do for free, and in the comfort of your own home? Learn how to be you’re own nail tech after the jump!

You’ll Need:
Make sure you’ve stocked your medicine cabinet with cotton balls, nail polish remover, olive oil, an emery board, a foot file, lotion and nail polish. If you want to be really luxe, pick up a sweet smelling foot scrub.

Remove your Nail Polish:
Remove any nail polish you have on your toes. If your toes are dry, put olive oil on a cotton ball and wipe down your toes to moisturize them.

Soak Your Feet:
Soak your feet in a tub of the warmest water you can stand for 5 minutes.

Exfoliate Your Heels:
Use a foot file or pumice stone to rub the dead skin (now soft because of the hot water) from the bottoms of your feet. Focus on the balls of your feet and your heels.

After you’ve exfoliated your feet, dry them completely and massage in a thick foot lotion to moisturize.

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