Beauty How-To: Cover A Scar

Scars are sexy… but mostly on guys. Sure, some come with great stories, but when you want to look your finest, a gash on your shoulder is not what you want people to notice first. Save yourself a trip to the dermatologist or plastic surgeon. All you need to conceal your scar is already in your makeup bag.

Healing Your Scar:
Vitamin E can lighten and soften scars (or stretch marks). Apply a vitamin E cream daily for optimal results. Besides microdermabrasion, dermatologists can also prescribe topical medications for scars.

Makeup Hides Your Battle Wounds:
The first step is to find a concealer that matches your skin exactly. For a light scar, a little concealer may be all you need. If your scar is deeper or darker, look into DermaColor, a system scientifically designed to cover and camouflage skin imperfections, from scars to birthmarks.

Clothing Covers What Makeup Can’t:
If you’re self conscious about a scar that makeup won’t cover, clothing is always a great way to flaunt the best parts of your body and hide the worst.

Time to Take Action: Long-Term Solutions to Scars:
Microdermabrasion is the least invasive of the serious long-term scar treatments. Chemical peels are often good long term solutions to severe facial scarring due to acne. During a chemical peel, certain acids are applied to the face, which exfoliate the damaged outer layers of skin. Laser scar removal is also a technique that is being perfected for use of cosmetic dermatology. Your cosmetic dermatologist will have all of the info you need on these procedures.