Beauty How-To: Apply Concealer

Thanks to well-applied concealer, we look like our two hours of sleep was really ten, our blemish-sprouting skin is actually flawless, and that scar on our upper left eyebrow faded years ago. It’s called concealer for a reason; because it hides all of our facial imperfections. But poorly applied concealer can do more harm than good. Why cover under eye bags if you are just going to look like you have yellow rings instead of purple ones? And why bother slathering product on a pimple if the makeup will only make it more noticeable? Learn how to apply concealer the right way with the right techniques, and see the right results.

How to Pick the Right Shade of Concealer:
If a concealer doesn’t have the right color and consistency for your skin, it will never give you flawless coverage. The color should be one or two shades lighter than your foundations. This way it will cover effectively and fade underneath your foundation. Your foundation however, should match your skin. Test the concealer before you buy it by matching it to the skin on the inside of your wrist.

Apply Concealer Before Foundation:
Concealer always goes on before your foundation. Concealer is a spot-isolated application, while foundation goes all over your face and can cover the color differences left by concealer.

Where to Apply Concealer:
Concealer should cover anywhere that has an uneven skin tone. Think underneath eyes, the sides of your nose, your chin, and your forehead.

Tap, Don’t Rub:
Rubbing concealer make it thinner and less apt to cover imperfections. It will also damage skin cells and that means more wrinkles and imperfections. Tap concealer into under eye circles and blemishes. You can use a concealer brush or the pads of your fingers.

Set With a Loose Powder:
Once you’ve fully applied your concealer, dust on a little loose powder to set it in place. This will keep it from fading throughout the day.

Different Seasons, Different Colors:
Skin tones change throughout the year. We get darker during the summer and lighter during the winter. Make sure your concealer matches your coloring through each season.

Don’t Throw out the Wrong Color Concealers:
If you purchase the wrong color concealer, don’t throw it out. Instead, take it to a professional makeup artist. They can re-blend the concealer into the perfect color.

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