Barbie Must Make A Ton Of Money To Afford These Clothes

The girl’s measurements are outside of the realm of womens’ proportions, she’s accumulated hundreds of careers in her life, and meanwhile, hasn’t aged a day. And now with her new fashion friend Christian Louboutin, Barbie’s dressing up in designer items and her wardrobe standards have become even more impossible to attain. The ladies over at Jezebel estimated the approximate cost of her new shoe habit thanks to Mr. Louboutin. Read on for the shocking prices.

  • The Differa Sandal: $1,495
  • Miss Ankle Boot: $1,075
  • Claudia Shoe: $835.00
  • Altameche Boot: $1,995.00
  • Grand Total: $43, 800

Don’t get too depressed. If you’re still loving Barbie’s look and want to emulate her style, you could just go with our way more affordable version. [Jezebel]