13 Shocking Celebrity Yearbook Photos

bradyearbook 3410 m jpg
The Academy Awards red carpet is really one big runway. Stars are plucked, shellacked and Spanxed into looking oh-so-glamorous. But before they had a team of stylists and money to burn, were they knock-outs? Well, buddy, we dug up some Oscar stars’ yearbook photos to find out for ourselves. And here’s what we found — before some of our beloved celebs made fashion mistakes on red carpets, they were fashion victims in high school. Yes, Brad Pitt had a bowl cut! Although, we’re not quite sure if that’s better or worse than his current “chin pubes” look. However, he was so foxy killing Nazis with that razor-sharp ‘stache. Seriously, for the hotness factor alone, “Inglourious Basterds” should win! But I digress, because today’s massacre is Oscar’s honorees and presenters exposed in their old yearbook photos. Mwahahahaha! Find out for yourself if Matt Damon was sexy back in the day or if Sandra Bullock got her nose did by clicking onward …
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