Spritz Yourself With “Industrial Grit,” “Cleansed Skin,” “Rubber,” & Other Weird Scents

bondno9highline jpg
For most, your signature scent will fall into one of four fragrance categories: fresh, woods, floral, or oriental. Naturally, there are the non-conformists who want a completely unique smell (people, please: this does not give you license to not bathe for two weeks). Perhaps that’s what the folks at perfume company Bond No. 9 were going for with their new scent, inspired by Manhattan’s High Line. The mixture is meant to smell of “the Hudson river, urban wildflowers and a hint of industrial grit.” Delightful? Or disgusting? We’d have to give it the sniff test. After the jump, some more of the weirdest perfumes out there. [Blogdorf Goodman]
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