How A Really Bad Hair Day Could Ruin Your Entire Life

Sometimes having a bad hair day can feel like it’s the end of the world. And sometimes it actually is. That’s what happened to Chris Lancaster, a Williamsburg, Brooklyn resident who was going through a rather unfortunate hair phase—which, he explains, was because he had had a Hare Krishna cut (shaved head except for a pony tail), and was growing it out. One deeply offended over-sharer made a sketch of the man and sent it into Gawker. Before too long, Chris discovered that he had unwittingly become an internet celeb. But it wasn’t the mean comments that bothered him (“He looks like Wolverine and a penis had a baby”), but the fact that people were now tracking him and recognizing him everywhere. Things escalated to a point when his girlfriend at the time couldn’t deal with the fiasco, so she broke up with him. So what have we learned today? Bad hair can cause the internet to hate you, bring on stalkers, and ruin your romantic relationships. Get a real look into the horrors with this video made by Chris himself. [Gawker]