Beauty How-To: Find the Right Shape for Your Brows

Eyebrows are like the picture frame of your face: just a small detail but it changes the your whole appearance. So when your brows are out of wack, don’t be surprised if even the most over-plucked or bushy-browed citizens start looking at you funny. Keep your look in-check with our tips for picking the perfect shape for your eyebrows.

Work With What You Have:
Everyone have different brows. They are like fuzzy little snowflakes that sit above your eyes (too much?) so if you like a celeb’s shape, don’t try to mimic it unless you have similar arches.

Where to Begin the Brow:
Your eyebrows should begin directly above the inside corners of your eyes. More natural brow shapes start a tad further to the center, but be careful of how far you let them grow in- the dreaded unibrow may only be a millimeter away.

Use Your Natural Arch:
In terms of finding where your eyebrow should arch, nature and biology have already decided that for us. Trying to work against your natural arch will only cause your eyebrows to look strangely off or too thin, so let nature be your guide.

How to End Your Brow:
Depending on the type of eyebrow that you want, you can choose to end your eyebrow sooner or let it extend. The eyebrow should definitely grow beyond the corner of the eye below it, so be wary of over-plucking here!

Trim the Brow Hairs:
Once in a while you should trim your eyebrow hairs, especially those nearest to the center of your face, which tend to get longer than the rest. You can use a small pair of scissors to shorten the ends, but be careful not to cut the hairs so short that your brows look bald.

Less is More (for Now):
One of the dangers with eyebrow plucking is that we often get carried away with that little silver tweezer. Check out your brows in the mirror after every few plucks to make sure that you don’t do damage that will takes weeks to repair.

Find a Highly Rated Professional:
When all else fails, just call a salon