10 Celebs You May Chance Upon On ChatRoulette

Celebs You Might See On ChatRoulette
So, by now you have definitely heard about ChatRoulette, the site that randomly connects you to strangers via webcam. If you’ve used it, you are probably also unfortunately aware of the site’s users who are all about showing off the sexy bits. Whether it be folks giving you a gander at what they have, asking to see your stuff, or tricking you into thinking you are seeing something you’re not, ChatRoulette has a dirty, dirty mind sometimes. But the site has some great things to offer for those not into private parts: silly people, costumes, cute cats, and even celebrities. These famous faces have taken off from the Twitter branch and fluttered over to ChatRoulette to see what all the fuss is about. Read on to see which celebs you have a chance to talk with when you take a spin on the proverbial wheel.
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