The Villainous Reality TV Show Winners We Loved To Hate

You’ve definitely already heard by now that Jake Pavelka proposed to Vienna Girardi on “The Bachelor” last night. Which wasn’t really surprising, but was certainly disappointing for those under the illusion that reality TV shows promising true love have any intention of delivering such. I suspect this will be drawn out for at least another three specials, leading to Jake ending up with Ali Fedotowsky, who’ll inevitably pick the wrong guy on “The Bachelorette.” [Reality TV World]

Vienna can now join a relatively long line of reality-show-winning villains who managed to mean their way to the top, much to viewers’ dismay.

  • Jeffrey Sebelia: “Project Runway Season 3.” Sebelia has admitted that he tried to look like a jerk on “Project Runway.” “I thought I’d start out really dark and annoying,” he said. Throughout the season, he was a cocky/arrogant winner most of the time, but a sore loser when things didn’t go his way. He made other contestants cry and the judges cringed at his behavior. Michael Kors said of Sebelia’s win, “It certainly was not his charming personality. I guess he was acting that way in order to become more famous. So now it’s like, ‘Fine. You’ve got everyone’s attention. Now what?’” Well, Sebelia’s first post-“Project Runway” gig was kinda embarrassing/ “I’m almost afraid to admit what I’m doing,” he says, “but it’s costumes for a movie. It’s a live-action movie for the Bratz … Yeah, those slutty dolls.” [NY Mag]
  • Richard Hatch: “Survivor Season 1.” Perhaps the most detested reality villain of all time, Hatch showed future “Survivor” contestants what the game was all about by making alliances and then pitting them against each other until he was the only one left. David Letterman called him the “fat naked guy” because he loved to wander around nakey … also a good strategy to scare people away. Talking about his competition, Hatch says, “Russell went too far and was too ‘in your face’ to the contestants. I talked to the camera, I talked to the viewers openly as the game is designed for us to do, and was cocky and arrogant … but I wasn’t to the contestants. That’s where you lose.” Several years later, Hatch was imprisoned for three years for tax evasion (including not filling his winnings) and he’s still serving his three-year supervised release. Talk about comeuppance! [TV Watch]
  • Brian Heidik: “Survivor Thailand.” This sleazy used car salesman might have won a load of cash after winning “Survivor Thailand,” the fifth season of the series, but his problems never end. In 2006, he was arrested for shooting a puppy with a bow and arrow and, according to his wife at the time, he “planned to shoot another one.” He also went back and forth, exchanging accusations of spousal abuse with his Playboy bunny/porn actress wife, Charmaine Heidik. She said, “I don’t think he’s ever adapted to real life since [the show,] He thinks he can do anything. He thinks he’s invincible.” [Reality TV World]
  • Ilan Hall: “Top Chef Season 2.” Nobody seemed to like “Top Chef”‘s Ilan Hall, and the chef and his mother went to Newsday to speak out against the editing that made him look like a monster. He wrote, “The situations are completely contrived—which is fine, they are making a TV show. What’s real are people’s reactions to those situations … You are sort of signing your likeness away. They can manipulate and mold you into whatever they want. They create situations that make you seem a little more conniving than you actually are. They don’t show entire conversations that would explain why you are reacting in a certain way … What you saw on TV was me, just an edited me.” Which is actually extremely well-spoken for a reality show contestant! But still admitting to rudeness, making fun of Marcel for being a virgin, cackling while Marcel was held down and “tortured,” etc.—not cool. [Reality TV World]

Who do you think is the most detestable reality show winner ever?