Threesome Alert: The Charlie Sheen Trial Is About To Get Juicier

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Charlie Sheen’s domestic abuse trial is about to become a bigger, hotter mess. We thought he was in deep doo-doo when he was jailed for strangling wife Brooke in Colorado. If it wasn’t dramatic enough that Brooke and Charlie are also both alleged crack heads in “prehab” … there’s more. Dum, dum, dum. An unnamed woman is coming forward to “tell all.” Oh my. After the jump, some bombshells that will supposedly come out during the trial.

  • This unnamed woman, who is supposedly prepared to testify, is about to go public claiming to have slept with both Charlie and Brooke. She will reveal that Brooke is bisexual and that she and Charlie have had many women over for drug binges and ménage à trois since they got married. The woman will also confirm the extent of both Charlie and Brooke’s crack and alcohol addiction.
  • To up the drama ante even more, the District Attorney on the case is allegedly trying to get all of Charlie’s exes to testify about Charlie’s violent ways. That means Charlie, Brooke, Denise Richards, Kelly Preston, and Brittany Ashland could all be in one courtroom together.
  • The saddest part of this is, of course, Charlie’s unlucky offspring. The California Department of Children and Families has visited the Sheen house and are evaluating the safety of twins Max and Bob. This may turn into another bitter custody battle if Brooke files for divorce, as some people are speculating. []