Is This A Hoax? Teen Brother Posts Sister’s Hookup List On Facebook

Teen brothers can be awful. Trust me, I had one. But even in his infinite jerkitude, my brother never did anything as slut-shaming or awful as the alleged doings of a little Facebook hoodlum named Chris. According to, teenager Chris got ratted out by his sister, Katie, for a 12-pack of beer he had stashed in his bedroom. To retaliate, he allegedly rooted through her bedroom until he found her “hookup list,” which he posted on Facebook. Chris appears to have posted a looseleaf list of Katie’s conquests — “Adrian finger me,” “Brian only kiss” — and underneath he wrote a nasty little paragraph about it:

Since all I can do and all I’ll ever [do] for the next 2 and a half months involve [sic] sitting on the computer all day, I thought I’d get a little revenge today. Everyone out there might think my sister is such a sweet and innocent girl, but a few days ago I decided to go treasure hunting in her room and found a little something special in her closet. this will make the next 2.5 months bearable.

Ladies and gentlemen… sister is a whore.

Ugh. Douche! To make things even worse, Chris tagged boys mentioned on Katie’s list, as well as other people. Nerve posted the alleged comment thread, where people with their names blurred out wrote things like “note to self: do not hook up with katie” and “you are a dick! but this is so funny!” If you must, you can read the whole thread here.

Call me a skeptic but … this has to be a hoax. I’m not doubting a teen boy would mortify his own sister like that (sadly enough), but I find the execution improbable. What teenage girl would write a detailed list and leave it in her closet, i.e. not locked in her Lisa Frank journal? And who doodles big hearts and write notes like “SOOO HOT!” and “xxx ooo xxx!”? And most importantly, what teenage girl writes on loose leaf paper these days?

I call bulls**t. This whole thing looks to me like a prank based on someone’s wish list of what goes on inside of teenage girls’ heads, not something that actually happened.

But, hey, if this dude was looking to slut-shame some “whores,” great job, bro. []