Quick Tip Of The Day: Chop Red Chilis Without Setting Your Skin And Orifices On Fire

Last night, in anticipation of “The Bachelor” season finale, I decided to make up a chili recipe! The Twitter feed above details what happened as a result of chopping red chilis without gloves. That’s Tip #1a: Wear gloves. But if you are a moron like me and you don’t wear gloves, I learned a couple handy tricks for getting the chili oil off your hands — soap and water does not work — and alleviating the sting of chili burn. To get chili oil off your hands, rinse them in olive oil — apparently, chili oil dissolves in fat. To relieve the sting, rub a little lemon juice anywhere you’re burning (except, duh, your eyes). I wish I could say I was happy to be the guinea pig for this quick tip.