Nothing Sells Video Games Quite Like Thongs

You know how sometimes you’re out and talking to some dude and somehow the topic of conversation gets around to working out or muscles or some such thing and all of a sudden he’s flexing for you? Or, worse yet, doing that thing where he makes his chest muscle dance? No? Just me? Whatever, it happens and it’s weird as hell. It’s not, however, as weird as the 84-second video of a girl in a thong playing video games and flexing her epic butt cheeks. The perplexing video seems to have been generated by a dame who goes by the name of Tahiticora, but would probably be better used as the most successful video game ad ever. With almost 215,000 views in the last two weeks, the makers of whatever game she’s playing should probably be paying her royalties. Full, not particularly safe for work video making nerdy dudes everywhere very happy is after the jump. [Copyranter]