Naomi Campbell Attacks Again … A Driver This Time!

Ah dang, Naomi Campbell! Just when I thought she had learned her lesson after picking up trash in NYC, she goes and attacks another person. The NYPD is currently on the hunt for Naomi after she allegedly punched and slapped her driver, while sitting in the back seat of the car while he was driving. The driver says he then stopped the car in midtown Manhattan and called 911 on her ass, which caused Naomi to jump out of the car and run away. []

So I could go out on limb for my girl and suggest that she was overcome with grief for Alexander McQueen and stressed about the plight of surviving Haitians and just lost it, but we all know that would be true for any excuse. But really, if I were nine inches taller (I don’t enjoy being around excessively tall women) and worked for Naomi, I’d anticipate a BlackBerry flying at my head or a slap across the face at all times, so I’d never turn my back on her. I’d be ready to duck at any moment. In fact, I’d squat whenever she entered a room. And I’d have it in my contract that she had to double my pay for the day if she tried to inflict pain on me. Just something for you future employees of Miss Campbell to think about. You’re welcome.