Mini Trend: Duct Tape-Decorated Clothes

duct tape g1 jpg
Cheap Monday Duct Tape Bodycon Top, $50,

Ever since we were in junior high (and probably for much longer than that), we’ve seen people turn rolls of duct tape into everything from wallets to flowers. Well, this year, Maison Martin Margiela has sold several garments decorated with the infamous silver tape. Cheap Monday, known for their skinny jeans, might have been inspired by the high-end use of the sticky stuff, because the line includes a number of garments, such as the above top with built-in nipple covers, with black or silver tape-like accoutrements. Click through to see more designs from both labels. Instead of buying them, however, we suggest picking up a roll of tape and slapping it on a shirt you already own if you’re keen to follow this trend.

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