Meet Megan Fox’s Hand Model!

Though her hands certainly aren’t the body part that Megan Fox is best known for, those who follow The Fox know all about her toe thumbs and how relentlessly, um, unique they are. (Sorry girl, you can’t have everything!) When the club thumbs started getting as much publicity as Fox’s awesome-looking arse a few months back, those misshapen things took an ongoing hiatus from the limelight. That means everything from hiding them on magazine covers to hiring hand doubles for commercials and photo shoots. Now, ladies and gentlemen, Big Money would like to introduce you to Megan Fox’s hand double and the rest of the hand modeling heavy weights you’ve seen fondling your favorite products all over the TV. Meet the woman whose darling digits cradle that apple on the cover of Twilight after the jump. [Jezebel]
Hand makeup is pretty standard practice in the parts modeling industry, but this is a whole different level.

Kimbra Hickey, the woman whose hands are on millions of bookshelves around the world.

Umm, do you think she gets free biscuits for doing that job? If so, we’re hella jealous.

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