Behind The Scenes: How Urban Mass Produces Vintage

While Urban is big on bringing the completely new with its collab-happy creations, the company also does its fair share of recycling the old. If you’ve ever walked into your local Urban Outfitters and seen what almost look like some thrift shop fashions, you may have wondered where they come from. With its “Urban Renewal” line, designers take loads of gently worn vintage goods and figure out how to spruce them up in more trend-forward ways.

To be honest: We have mixed feelings regarding some of the Urban Renewal designs we’ve seen. Some have been absolutely cute; others look a bit like you ate three sundresses from the ’80s and puked them up. Nevertheless, we’re curious as to how these items make their ways into stores. After the jump, a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process. Who knows—seeing how these styles are made might inspire your own DIY project. [Urban Outfitters Blog]

For a collection of patchwork denim shorts, Urban sourced a batch of vintage Levi’s jeans, asking for specific quality requirements.

Then designers alter and shape the jeans to a specific cut—in this case, some roomy shorts— and then sort through bunches of vintage remnant fabrics to sew on patchwork pieces.

Off to the stores! And on to your butts.