Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Little Boots To Lifehouse

It’s Tuesday, aka time to take the freshest records for a spin! While I know Fat Tuesday already happened last month, as far as new releases go, this one is stacked! If you like Stephen King, psychedelic rock, and enjoy your freedom of speech (who don’t?!), you gots to check out Shooter Jennings and Hierarchy’s latest album. Now, if you’re a dancing shoe whore, you’ll be getting down to the Little Boots’ hot hits. Or, if you’ve got some sexin’ on your schedule, you might wanna pick up Raheem DeVaughn’s naughty R&B grinder. And that’s just the tip of this Tuesday’s musical iceberg, ’cause Lifehouse, Rogue Wave, Athlete, Citizen Cope, and Jason Derulo are also ready to jam you. So, girl, get those headphones on ’cause it’s time to kick it, after the jump.

Little Boots, Hands
Instantly makes you feel like you’re in your hottest dress, dancing with your girls … on Mars.

Shooter Jennings & Heirophant, Black Ribbons
Stephen King teamed up with these rock-n-rollers to make a concept record about a late-night radio talk-show host an hour away from being taken off the air by the government.

Rogue Wave, Permalight
Upbeat indie that’s bright, like the title promises. Although, the simple, romantic video track will melt your heart.

Athlete, Black Swan
Fantastical electro and ballads that, just like fables, are filled with hippie lessons.

Citizen Cope, The Rainwater LP
Reggae electro pop to chill to.

Raheem DeVaughn, Love&War MasterPeace
Stick this in when you’re doin’ it. Hee hee.

Jason Derulo, self-titled
Auto-tuned R&B machismo pop that’ll make you wish you were sweet 16 again.

Lifehouse, Smoke & Mirrors
More signature radio anthems.