Why Were People Crying At The Dolce & Gabbana Show?

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Things that move us to tears: Mozart’s “Requiem,” Romeo and Juliet, certain U2 songs after a few drinks, “The Notebook.” But crying over the beauty of a dress? Something we’d maybe say sarcastically, but never really believe could happen. Apparently, Dolce & Gabbana‘s winter 2010 presentation in Milan managed to do just that. Reports the New York Times, “There was hardly a dry eye in the audience or among the white-robed workers projected from backstage in a live stream.” This doesn’t appear to be an exaggeration—several tweets add confirmation. A Grazia editor wrote, “OMG – can’t hold back tears at end of Dolce show. A true fashion moment,” while one writer from the U.K. Times said, “I’m getting misty eyed at dolce.”

Made up largely of structured blazers, business-chic ensembles, and womanly lace underthings, the inspiration for the D&G collection wasn’t a re-hashed concept that you hear from the mouths of designers each season, like “Hollywood Glam” or “nature.” This time, the designers dedicated their creations to the seamstresses and tailors that work for them, evoking sentimentality through behind-the-scenes video footage of the workers, and even a live stream of the D&G crew during the show. While the presentation struck a selfless chord, it also pointed to the label’s Italian roots and identity.

Click through to see more pictures from the show. What do you think—would these designs move you to tears? [New York Times]

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