Quickies: Kim Zolciak Makes Her Movie Debut & The Best Whiskey Is …

  • Blink, and you’ll miss Kim Zolciak in the trailer for “The Joneses” (skip to the 1:40 mark). [NY Post]
  • Wouldn’t “Gossip Girl“‘s Eric be the perfect mate for Kurt from “Glee“? Find out which other TV characters should hook up. [BuzzSugar]
  • Some folks want Tim Burton to go away because he’s too predictable. [College Humor]

  • What are the best whiskeys and scotches to be had and enjoyed? [Maxim]
  • Have you ever gotten “The Disease,” the sudden urge to get your steady dude the hell out of your space as fast as possible? [College Candy]
  • NBC is bringing the Bridget Jones novels to a television screen near you. [Lemondrop]
  • There’s no problem with being obsessed with the fashion of celebrity toddlers. C’mon, you can admit it too. [Shine]