Does Gwyneth’s Goop-y Diet Work In Real Life?

One intrepid Daily Green blogger ventured to find out by taking a step into the privileged world of Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP and road-testing the star’s highly recommended starvation “cleansing” diet. She even lived to tell the tale, and the results might surprise you.

Writer Jenny Muller readily admits the ridiculousity that GOOP so often encompasses. Her description of reading it is astute, to say the least …

“It’s like spying in the windows of a big poncy mansion where $27 per oz hibiscus-scented sea salt is a staple and casual friends receive Hermes watches as gifts because it’s ‘charming.’ Unless you have an Oscar and married a rock star, none of her advice applies.”

So true, so true. Still, she cobbled together a semblance of this 7-day juice detox that presumably makes Gwyneth Paltrow so gorgeous and serene-looking, and boldly followed it despite her intense (and understandable) alcohol and chocolate cravings. While the overall experience was maybe the opposite of fun and games, in the end, she kind of raved.

“This detox doesn’t overbill the ‘you’ll be energized’ angle, either – I knocked things off my to do list I never dreamed I’d see done. Your intestinal tract may blow up like a cheap raft around day 2 and 3, but you’ll have incredible drive and the skin of a supermodel.”

We’re gonna go ahead and choose to the ignore the parts about cheap rafts and intestinal tracts, yeesh. [The Daily Green]