Beauty How-To: Dye Your Own Hair

If you plan on pulling a 360- going from black to blond or vice versa- we recommend consulting a professional. But for a standard single process, skip the salon (and its bill) and do your own dye-job.

Selecting a Hair Dye:
Pick a dye that is no more than two shades darker or lighter than your natural color.

Know Your Hair Dye:
Semi-permanent dye should only be applied to wet hair, and permanent dye is applied to dry hair. Know if your product is long term.

Protect Your Skin from Color Accidents:
What’s the point of shading in locks if you have to go around with brown spots on your forehead? Spread a liberal amount of vaseline around your hairline and ears. The petroleum jelly will create a layer between your skin and the easily absorbed hair dye.

Color and Time Test:
Take a 1/4-1/2 inch strand of hair and cover it in the dye. Leave the color on for half of the recommended time and wash the product out. Against a white towel in natural light, check the color of the strand. If you want the color to be darker, reapply for the remaining time.

Apply the Dye:
If you’re lightening your hair, work the dye into your locks from back to front. If you’re darkening strands, work from front to back.

Follow Instructions Precisely:
Don’t freely interpret the package’s instructions. The only way you should modify instructions is if your color test came out glam and you want to cut the time in half.

When it comes time for touching up your roots, apply the dye to the colorless part of your hair and work it through to the ends.

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