8 Rule Breakers Who Keep The Red Carpet Interesting

red carpet misfits g1 jpg
In choosing an outfit for a big event, most celebrities hope to avoid being named to any worst dressed lists and, possibly, get a nod for an amazing outfit. But there are other stars who, frankly, don’t give a crap. Helena Bonham Carter told NYMag.com that she feels she has a reputation to keep on the red carpet. “I have a responsibility now to dress badly, so it’s kind of liberating.” She and designer Vivienne Westwood have already cooked up something special for the Academy Awards:

“It was basically a rough dress I was going to wear, made of canvas — the one they make before they make the proper dress. I said, ‘Can I just wear this?’ They’re going to paint it and put some “Alice [in Wonderland]” objects in it. It’s going to be very fun. I hope it’s going to be fun, anyway.”

We can’t wait to see this canvas concoction because it’s women like Helena who ensure the red carpet is anything but boring (which is why we like to applaud out-of-the-box styles in our “Fashion Peacekeepers“). Click through for seven other risk takers who keep star-studded events interesting.

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