7 Celebrities Who Have Been Erected (Hee Hee)

statues ronaldo jpg
So, to get a statue made of yourself, you either need to be a pretty big deal or have a good amount of cash. Sculptures are generally reserved for presidents, naked men and abstract objects. But for all the marble George Washingtons in the world, there have been a few modern celebrity statues crafted as well. The most recent celebrity to get made out of stone is soccer superstar Christiano Ronaldo. For all of you who aren’t “futbol” fans, you may know him as that guy Paris Hilton used as a rebound. As part of some kind of crazy promotion, Nike erected a huge silver statue of the Real Madrid player in a Spanish town square. I see it as a dangerous amount of ego-stroking, but I am sure many soccer fans see it as a rightful tribute. [TMZ]

Take a look at the other celebrities to be immortalized in bronze. Let us know which ones you think deserve the honor, and which are a waste of rock.

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