Ask The Astrosexologist: “My Libra Boyfriend Can’t Decide Between Me And Another Woman”

My Libra boyfriend recently broke up with me because he just “stopped liking me.” Two weeks ago, he was all excited about building our future together and introducing me to his parents. Now, he’s met this other lady, whom he finds “interesting.” He says he still likes me, but he likes her too. He doesn’t know what he wants. According to him, they aren’t “dating” or haven’t done anything “physical,” as of yet. He thinks he’s making the right decision for now, not being with me and pursuing other women, but he’s not sure if it’s the right decision for “forever.”

As I’m writing all of this, I realize how ridiculous it sounds. Why would a young, successful lady want to be with this jerk? Oh, did I mention that the only reason I found out about this in the first place was that on my birthday, after trying to get “frisky” with me, he snuck into the restroom and drunkenly dialed his new lady? He told her that he wouldn’t do anything stupid if he knew how she felt about him. Yeah, I’ve found a real winner … but despite all that, I really like him. A lot. I want him back. Can you please help me? BTW, I am a Sagittarius. – Broken Hearted

Girl, you have to get over him! He is bad news through and through and will keep breaking your heart if you let him! It’s obvious he doesn’t know what he wants. The fact is, he went from loving you one minute to meeting someone else and being into her the next. That spells flaky, immature and not ready to be committed. You, on the other hand, seem to want a relationship. Despite feeling like you want him, you have to realize who he really is — someone who has no problem disregarding your feelings at his own convenience. This makes trusting him next to impossible. He’s made his own word mean zilch!

As a Sagittarius, you tend to want to believe in the impossible and once you see a good side to someone, you do have a hard time accepting their bad aspects — but you have to understand there is no miracle that is going to make him turn back into that guy who was sure of being with you. You are successful, young and free; don’t shortchange yourself into thinking this is all you can have — a guy who is going to throw you under a bus, on your birthday, at the drop of a hat to screw a near stranger is never going to wind up back to being your true love.

To help you move along, March 10 will mark the move of Mars, the planet of passion and sex, forward again, which is helpful to you because it will be in your house of aspirations. This will start a cycle that will help you set your sights higher. Hopefully when you start to see what you deserve versus what you’ve been getting, you’ll get the perspective that’s needed to really take on the major events coming this summer.

Yes, starting in June, Jupiter will move into Aries and heat up the house of romance in your astrological chart! This means that summer is a super hot and sexy time for you to really have some real love — but remember, with astrology, nothing is every predictive — you have make the best of the powers at work in your cycle, by being in the right head space to maximize these energy currents. So, for you, this will mean cleaning out your closets and having your eyes on the prize — someone who is able to give you all that you deserve and deserves the best in you!

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