Olympic Figure Skaters Follow Fashion Trends, But Do They Set Them?

Whenever we watch Olympic figure skating, we get pretty caught up in analyzing the athletes’ outfits. While the men wowed us with their theatrical getups, the women followed current fashion trends. Well, a handful of them did.

In recent months, we’ve seen stars walk the red carpet in dresses with pieces missing. Cutouts figured into a few skaters’ costumes, including those worn by Joannie Rochette of Canada (above right), Miki Ando of Japan (above left), and Sarah Hecken of Germany during last night’s free skate. The difference is that the Olympians don’t actually show any skin — the “revealed” areas are actually covered in flesh-tone fabric.

Even though these skaters are on-trend, will what they wear on the ice make any styles au courant? Let’s hope not. Keep reading to see a popular Olympic look we won’t be copying.

Chokers were everywhere! We’ll admit to wearing a few of these necklaces in our younger days, but we’d rather not return to junior high.