New Wack Trend: “Unicorn Vom” Pants?

Man, it’s been a bad year for pants, hasn’t it? Leggings, jeggings, harem styles, the return of acid wash. And then there have been moments when trendsetters have eschewed them altogether. Further proof they’re in full-on teenage identity crisis mode? Trend de la Creme points to the latest wave of disturbing styles so brilliantly put as, “when a unicorn vomits below the belt.” Some examples: the attempted pop art designs from the Basso & Brooke spring 2010 collection, rainbow-happy panties for men, plus some Matthew Williamson draped trousers.

Identifying trends—even micro-trends—is a tough job. So we decided to fact-check the unicorn barf movement against a standard control for horrific trends: American Apparel. Our findings after the jump. [Trend de la Creme]Indeed, there are quite a few styles that look like they walked out of the girls’ games aisle at Wal-Mart:

Cloud Pattern Legging, $40, American Apparel

Rainbow Hot Shorts, $12, American Apparel

Printed Nylon Tricot Short, $30, American Apparel