Amazing Show Alert: “Seducing Cindy”

I’ve never so much as heard of the show “Seducing Cindy” on Fox Reality channel, but turns out that I should have been fastidiously watching it for the past month. The concept is familiar: Playmate and internet “sensation” Cindy Margolis is single and looking to mingle, so will choose from a field of 24 guys, ranging in age from 18 to their 71, who go through stuntastic ordeals to show her that they’re “here for you.” On this week’s episode, Cindy pulls a pretty nasty/hilarious trick on the final six suitors on the show. The guys see her get into an SUV and drive away—just as the car crashes and flips. She isn’t in it, of course—it’s driven by a stunt driver. The guys run toward the site of the accident, where a fake-blood covered Cindy is taken by emergency crew into an ambulance. Then the piece de la resistance—the show’s host tells the guys that Cindy is seriously injured and will need blood … and a new kidney. One of the guys evidently volunteers his kidney, at which point he is carted off to an ambulance. Inside, he finds Cindy totally fine and wearing a sexy nurse’s outfit. The perfect way to say, “Just joshin’ ya.” Cindy thought the stunt was over the top, but thoroughly enjoyed it. “It was cruel, it was mean,” Cindy told Radar. “It was so heart wrenching. We put them on an emotional roller coaster. One guy got so upset that he physically assaulted a camera guy.” She says, in the end though, she did find the man of her dreams on the show. Oh, and she also boned a total of three of the contestants. Yeah, I’ll totally start DVRing this one—it’s on Saturdays at 9 p.m. (EST). []