30 Annoying Things Men Assume About Women

I’ll admit it’s hard to complain when a waiter automatically puts the check in front of your date or when “women and children” are evacuated first from a sinking ship. But sometimes it gets really annoying when men assume certain things about women just because we’re women. Sure, these assumptions may apply to some of us, but not the entire gender, across the board. Here are 30 annoying things that men assume about women — they came to mind instantly, because we’re complain-y like that.Men annoyingly assume …

  1. That you want an egg white omelet, not a regular yokey delicious one, because you must be on a diet.
  2. That you can’t parallel park.
  3. That you’re in a bad mood because you must be getting your period.
  4. That you don’t like manly alcohols like beer and whiskey.
  5. That you know nothing about sports.
  6. That you can’t operate a power drill.
  7. That you own 10 million pairs of shoes.
  8. That because you’re a single female, you want a relationship and you obviously want it with them.
  9. That you’re a fan of Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, and Julia Roberts’ movies.
  10. That you have an opinion on Edward versus Jacob.
  11. That you have strong feelings about anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.
  12. That you want kids. Hell, that you even like kids.
  13. That you’re obsessed with having a wedding.
  14. That you’re already in love with them or that you fell in love with them first.
  15. That you think you’re too fat.
  16. That you want Diet Coke, light cream cheese, and your dressing on the side.
  17. That you’re angry about something because you’re “bitter.”
  18. That you always need time to put on makeup or do your hair before you leave the house.
  19. That you don’t know anything about putting together Ikea furniture.
  20. That you don’t know how to cook a steak properly.
  21. That you can’t have sex without feelings involved.
  22. That the magazine you want them to bring home for you to read when you are sick in bed is US Weekly.
  23. That you hate scary movies.
  24. That you’re not into watching porn.
  25. That you are magically equipped with the powers of cooking and cleaning and have been since birth.
  26. That you know how to sew buttons.
  27. That you like “Grey’s Anatomy.”
  28. That your pubic hair will always be meticulously groomed.
  29. That you can’t appreciate a flat screen TV, comprehensive stereo system, and other “complex” electronic devices.
  30. That you won’t want to watch the latest sci-fi, action, or horror movie.

Photo: iStockphoto