13 Things To Never Share With Your Best Friend

Marie Claire recently listed “10 things never to share with a bestie,” from “the sex dream you had about her boyfriend” to “your overbooked colorist’s number,” and while the list is funny — and pretty wise — it leaves out a few crucial items. After the jump, check out 13 more things you should never share with your best friend.

  1. Your real opinion of her terrible haircut.
  2. Your boyfriend’s secret sexual fantasies.
  3. How big (or small) his pecker is.
  4. A business together.
  5. Your mascara.
  6. The ending of a movie she hasn’t seen yet.
  7. Herpes.
  8. A crush on a guy either of you has a real chance of dating.
  9. Your sexual attraction to her (unless you’re nearly positive it might be reciprocated).
  10. Bikini bottoms.
  11. How, when you house-sat for her the last time she went out of town, you and your boyfriend had sex in her bed.
  12. Booty calls.
  13. A mutual love of John Mayer.
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