What’s Your Biggest Pet Peeve When It Comes to Your Coupled Friends?

When friends find boyfriends, you can’t help but be happy for them — unless they start developing annoying couple habits, or remind you that you’re still single and they’re oh-so-in-love. We asked people to share their biggest pet peeve when it comes to friends in relationships. What’s yours? The pet peeve people complained about the most were updates and comments on social networking sites. “This is the perfect example of what I can’t stand,” April said. “My cousin just posted this: “Not feeling good. On a better note, my babe is so cute when he sleeps!”

That sentiment was echoed by a wise-cracking male friend of mine, Alex, who has been with his girlfriend for years: “Every new couple, and even some of the couples that have been together for a while, always has the post, ‘I’m so lucky to have someone so special.’ Then underneath is the comment from said special someone: ‘I know, baby, I love you so much.’ Than a re-comment, ‘I love you more’ and back and forth. Every time I read this I throw up in my mouth a little. Hey, if it happens rarely, cool, because then it’s sweet. However, people who have to show the world how much they’re in love every day, with every post, make me want bash their skulls together until it makes some kind of guacamole-like paste.”

Claudia, a single mom, said she hates when friends rub their relationships in her face. “One pet peeve is the over-abundance of inappropriate PDA. Second, the loud but unspoken statement of how I’m single, they are not, and I’m the third wheel. They are all about ‘them’ and can’t seem to talk about anything beyond their little jokes.”

There’s a general disdain for those who feel the need to shout their love from the rooftops every minute of every day. Do people in relationships believe they’re superior, or are they trying to convince everyone (including themselves) of how deep their love is? Either way, the biggest pet peeve for singles concerning their coupled friends is overexposure.