What Do The Words “No Pants,” “Lady Gaga,” And “Chandeliers” Have In Common?

To be fair, put the words “Lady Gaga” next to any mix of vocabulary, and anything’s possible. If you’re talking “no pants” and “chandeliers,” you might as well be talking about her latest music video. Or sexual preferences.

But the real connection has to do with the coming season’s fashion buzzwords. According to New York Times wordsmith Ben Schott, the Global Language Monitor has researched fashion buzzwords through tracking occurrences in print and online media and come up with the following list, at the top of which is “Lady Gaga,” followed by Leggings 2.0, No Pants, Off-Shoulder, Chandeliers (as in earrings), Boyfriend, Peek-a-boo, and Camos.

Now put those in order from least to most frightening. [Schott’s Vocab]