The Soho Grand Hotel Offers Guests Companionship

True, the hospitality industry is a competitive one, but what could upscale hotels possibly think of next to one-up each other’s luxury amenities? The Wynn in Vegas just opened up a “booty parlor,” the Miami Ritz-Carlton offers guests a “tanning butler,” and Chicago’s Sax Hotel will make you feel like a celeb, by customizing your stay to mimic that of a demanding celeb (like J. Lo or Ari Gold) with the “Celebrity Rider Package.”

As a sophisticated hotel on top of its game, the Soho Grand in New York City offers guests a number of unique “signature services,” including bikes to take around town and an iPod loaner program, and the very unique service of companionship … Pet companionship that is, well, a goldfish, to be specific.

In its simple rock-filled glass bowl, the black goldfish is a charming decorative touch, fitting in perfectly with the whimsical, minimalist décor of the hotel’s rooms. But more importantly, the little fishy gives guests endless opportunities for connection. Not through cuddling or petting, but by staring. And staring. Should the wi-fi or cable go out, there’s something to … look at. And if you’re a weary traveler, feeling isolated and alone — even though you should be psyched for being able to say in such posh, typically $500-a-night digs in Manhattan — hey, you’ve got someone who understands.

Kind of sweet, no?