Quickies: Lady Gaga’s Ex Must Be Feeling Really Stupid & Lose Weight Through Terrible Pain

  • Lady Gaga dates some doozies, too. Her ex told her “she’d never succeed.” How epically wrong can you be? [Us Weekly]
  • Seth Green, one-time “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” werewolf and the creator of “Robot Chicken,” popped the question to his model-actress girlfriend, Clare Grant. They’re super cute! [PopEater]
  • Nerd-goddess Felicia Day dishes on being a lady in a boy’s world, the loneliness of L.A. after several failed auditions, the joys of video games, and her popular internet-based show, “The Guild.” [Geekadelphia]

  • A creepy new weight loss procedure will help you keep off the pounds by attaching a strip to your tongue that makes it painful to eat. [Neatorama]
  • The King of All Radio, or the host of “This American Life,” Ira Glass asks “why would you want to make a podcast?” [Freakonomics]
  • Jim John Krasinski, cutie pie of “The Office,” is one of the unlikely short-listed names for the new Captain America movie. If he gets it, I want to see him use his Super-Soldier Serum to annoy Dwight. [New York Post]