Maryland To Recognize Same-Sex Marriages Performed in Other States

I have a friend who came to the United States from Israel to sing opera. He’s kind and funny, and when he sings, the air fills and tingles with his music. But too often, I’ve seen him looking sadly distant. He married his boyfriend last year in Connecticut, but then had to put him on the plane back home. At the moment they see each other once every few months, meeting up in Germany or Greece, but then each returning to a different country, oceans apart. Because our federal government doesn’t yet have an allowance for the partners in gay couples to immigrate on marriage visas, they’re being kept apart. And it sucks. Hopefully, more legislation rolls in like what’s happening in Maryland now.
The “Free State” doesn’t yet recognize same-sex marriage itself, but starting today it will acknowledge unions that were legally performed in “the state of celebration.” Douglas F. Gansler, the state attorney general, after drafting a 50-page opinion over the course of nine months, has declared that Maryland state institutions should begin recognizing eligible marriages immediately. While Heather R. Mizeur, an openly gay delegate, celebrated the newfound state validity of her union with her spouse, love grinch delegate Donald H. Dwyer Jr. is not content with hoping the opinion is overturned, and is drafting impeachment documents against the attorney general.

Me, I’m hoping for love, love, love, so my opera singer can be permanently reunited one day with his husband. [The Washington Post]