L’Oréal Markets “Macho” Anti-Wrinkle Product To French Guys

In France, there’s a metrosexual common denominator—all males seem to come out of the womb in bespoke suits and are born with an encyclopedic knowledge of style and culture. But the real men use this super macho anti-wrinkle pen product from L’Oréal. That’s right, dudes get wrinkles, too, and the way they combat them is through phallic-like devices encased in tough ice and supercharged with vitamin C and caffeine. The L’Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Bille Glacé Yeux (they want to give you a mouthful, huh?) is a portable rolling pen that dispenses a cooling substance which aids in the reduction of fine lines and makes you look less tired. Don’t believe any dude would actually use this? Meet three L’Oréal men on the product’s microsite …First, there’s Pierre, whose occupation is “clubber.” He describes himself as a “real partier” who likes to pull all-nighters (without shoes, apparently). He never goes anywhere without the clubber’s holy trinity of pocket contents—a VIP pass, sunglasses, and his Men Expert pen. Next comes Fred, the “golden boy,” a businessman who’s always traveling the world. In between New York City and Hong Kong, he gets jet-lagged. “Jet lag is not man’s best friend!” he proclaims. Bet you can guess what is. Last, there’s Didier, a new father who doesn’t sleep much thanks to a restless baby. Clearly, he adopted an addiction to his anti-wrinkle cream as a coping mechanism once he realized his life was truly over.

To top off the amazing website, there’s a “Mission Impossible”-esque game where you move the pen across a guy’s face to try and shoot off all the wrinkles. If you get a high score, you might win a trip to Bali! Bonne chance. [L’Oreal Paris]