Blogger Tries To Go To The Gym For A Year—For Free

Columbia University law student Julia Neyman, 24, launched the blog “Buns of Steal” so she could write about her quest to score free gym passes at fitness centers all over New York City for an entire year. She uses a variety of tactics to weasel her way into gyms. She uses free passes that trainers give out in an effort to get more clients. She makes it seem like she’s actually interested in joining when, in fact, she has no intention of doing so. When push comes to shove, the 24-year-old is even willing to flirt. These methods have gotten her into everything from yoga and pole dancing classes to karate and kickboxing. While fast-thinking NYC gyms may be catching on—Neyman has recently been booted from both Equinox and David Barton gyms—she’s getting a lot of bang for her buck in the media world. The New York Daily News did a profile of her and she’s getting coverage on the local news. We’re pretty sure the gig is up now. For her. But hey, we might try this tactic. [NY Daily News]