Fashion Bloggers Can Cast CFDA Ballots … If They Ask Nicely

It’s official: Fashion bloggers are taking over the world and are infiltrating all areas of the industry. And you thought it was only about fame and free stuff? (Note: Wait, technically I guess I’m a fashion blogger, and I don’t even get those things.) Apparently, some of these lucky bloggers will get to vote on the CFDA awards—which is a pretty big deal. When New York’s The Cut heard about this, they wanted to know more, and got an official answer from the CFDA:

“Apparently, this year the CFDA decided to include Internet people because many were submitting requests to be a part of the voting process. So being a part of the voting is actually as simple as asking — and then getting accepted. Any bloggers who didn’t receive ballots can simply ask the CFDA to be included this year. The CFDA will review all requests and accept those who ‘have covered fashion in a significant or knowledgeable way in the past year.'”

So, would writing about mustache jewelry murses and things you could store in harem pants qualify as significant fashion coverage? Because then we want in. []