Dude Holds His Ex’s Facebook Page Hostage

Jessica Zamora-Anderson and Paul Franco of Queens, New York, hardly had the ideal relationship. They met on Facebook in 2008 and were reasonably happy, until a year later when a screaming match ended with Paul chucking a cell phone at his girlfriend’s head. Soon after, Paul let Jessica know that he’d taken video footage of them doing the deed and he wasn’t afraid to make it public—so when he demanded $185 to get his towed car released from an impound lot, she paid up. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when Jessica tried to log into her Facebook page and her password was denied. She quickly realized that Paul had hijacked her account, changed her sexual preference to “gay,” and was writing her friends and family members and doing updates, posing as her. She contacted him, and he said he’d give her the account back—if she paid him $390. Which seems like a pretty arbitrary number? We’re pretty amused that instead of paying up, Jessica went to the police. Paul is now facing charges of coercion and harassment. Just another reminder to NEVER share your password with anyone. Oh, and to not date psycho douchebags. [NY Post]