So That’s What A Vajazzled Vagina Looks Like!

Those rich bitches (kidding!) over at The Luxury Spot decided that merely hearing Jennifer Love Hewitt describe getting her cooter vajazzled was not enough — they had to get their ladyflowers crystal coated to truly form an opinion. Brave blogger Bryce headed down to Completely Bare Spa in NYC and had her vagina made over to look like … well, these are the first words uttered by various members of The Frisky staff upon looking at the pictures:

“Eww, it looks like little crystal in-grown hairs.” “Or a bad case of shiny herpes.” “Crabs!” “What happens if I take a hunk of cheese to that puss?” “It looks stupid!” “Herpes. All I can think is herpes.” “Is this a newfangled Rorschach test?”

Yeah, so, are you enticed to get your mons pubis vajazzled now that you’ve seen what the finished product looks like? [The Luxury Spot]