How To Pull Off Pants Under Dresses Without Looking Like A Schlumpy Hobo

With New York Fashion Week over, fall trends have started to make themselves abundantly clear. And while some — like minimalist makeup and easy hair — we can get on board with, others require a bit more skepticism. For example, runways from Rag & Bone to Richard Chai sent models marching with pants under their skirts and dresses. While Susannah and Amelia are fans of this style, I remain on the fence, fearful that it often results in a look that’s more schlumpy than chic. That said, if the awesome stylists at Rag & Bone taught me anything, it’s that pants under a dress don’t necessarily have tomake you look like a hobo layering up for the winter. We’ve got a few tips to keep you looking cool, not confused.

  • The pants should be sleek and tailored. Avoid bulky pockets, thick waist bands, and wide-leg varieties in favor of a trim straight-legged pair.
  • If you can see the outlines of pockets and whatnot through the dress, you’re doing something wrong.
  • No shapeless or empire waist dresses. Opt instead for something that creates shape by nipping in at the waist and then flaring out a bit below. Wrap styles work well!
  • Check out Richard Chai’s runway and vow to not try that one at home, kids. The sequined pants are totally entertaining, but the top of the dress is eating that poor girl alive. She looks like a pretty girl being worn to death by her clothes. Plus, she’s probably about 5’11” and a size two, and that outfit is adding a couple sizes to her frame.
  • We can’t say this enough: Wear heels. When you’re attempting this much fabric, you’re doing yourself a favor by elongating your frame. If you’re not either quite tall or in the mood for heels, save the pants and dress combo for another day and go with tights or leggings instead.