How To Look Good While Riding A Bike

Those of you who follow street fashion blogs have no doubt noticed the ongoing fascination with pretty girls looking good on bikes. Each one of these things on its own — pretty girls, looking good and biking — is worthy of some praise, but all together they form a glorious trifecta that thousands of blog posts and picture frames have been devoted to. But while looking good while biking is nothing new, we have noticed that women who used to take town cars have joined the ranks of what my friend Jim calls PGOBs, or Pretty Girls on Bikes. There’s Self magazine editor Lucy Danziger, badass stylist Catherine Baba, and a bit of a fashion editorial fixation on bicycles as of late. As someone who’s been biking in stilettos and party dresses for quite some time now, I’ve got a few tried and true tips to help you join the herd of well-dressed biker babes.

  • When possible, wear leggings, not tights. Aside from the fact that they’ll keep your lady bits better hidden in the event of a random gust of wind, leggings are also less likely to snag or rip if you brush them with your pedal. Tights? One good pull and you’re screwed.
  • When biking in heels, use the area of the shoe under your toes and the ball of your foot to pedal instead of wedging the pedal in the space between the slope of the shoe and the heel. Though this is initially a little harder, it’s a lot better than being really pissed when you realize that your bike pedal has ripped apart the inside of your heel and the visible portion of the shoe’s sole.
  • Circle skirts are easier to maneuver in than pencil skirts, obviously. Instead of something uber-tight, wear a cool, high-waisted circle skirt that you can tuck under your butt or leave hanging behind the bike seat. Though fitted skirts are definitely doable, they force you to keep your knees much closer together and can be something of a pain for sudden stops.
  • Stop worrying that people will mistake you for a delivery boy and get a damn basket. Nothing is less elegant than trying to schlep a big old tote while you ride. The thing will inevitably swing all over the place and force you to fidget like a 5-year-old in serious need of ADD meds. With a pretty little wire or wicker basket, you can deposit all your junk and ride unencumbered with a look that says, “Yeah, I am this graceful, suckers.”
  • If you’re like me and your eyes tear easily in the wind, a pair of chic sunglasses will do the trick and keep you from riding blind.
  • For those of you who leave the house in lip gloss, do what you need to do to tie your hair back for riding. Nothing’s more annoying than trying to pull hair out of your gloss while navigating the bike lanes and glaring at that dude who almost ran you over.