Curvy Women Are Like A Drug To Men

Mystery solved! No reason to get annoyed when your dude acts like a slobbering lunatic when he sees chicks like Marilyn Monroe, Christina Hendricks, or Beyonce. His brain just thinks he’s high. A new study shows that looking at an hourglass figure can activate the same part of the brain as drugs or alcohol in men. A sample of guys were shown pictures of women’s naked butts while their brains were being monitored. Then these women were given digital plastic surgery to redistribute fat from their waist to their bums without changing their body weight. When men were shown the post-op hourglass figures, the “reward” centers in their brains went bonkers like they were drunk or high. So what can we learn from this, besides the lesson that men like butts? We may finally be able to understand men’s relationship to pornography and the phenomenon of porn addiction. Also, if weight does not affect attraction, that means the “thin obsession” is dictated by society—not by hard-wiring in the brain. Rejoice, ladies. [Daily Mail]

Tags: attraction, heath