Colorado Springs Nixes “Avenue Q” Puppet Cleavage

There so many churches headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that the town is sometimes referred to as “The Evangelical Vatican.” So when promoters for the national tour of “Avenue Q”—the Broadway musical in which puppets have hardcore sex and sing a song called “The Internet is for Porn”—tried to advertise for the “60% adult situations and 40% foam rubber” play, they got a nasty surprise. Their ad, which featured puppet Lucy the Slut’s cleavage, was vetoed by a local billboard company. “One of the top execs saw it and said, ‘I don’t think it’s appropriate for the Colorado Springs market,’” said one of the show’s producers. The exec who made that decision was Jeff Moore. His reasoning? “If I have to explain it to my 4-year-old or my grandmother, we don’t put it up,” he said. The theater did a quick switcheroo and offered up a new ad for the play, which was accepted. But while it looks PG, the town would probably not be too happy to hear that it depicts a puppet named Rod the Closeted Republican. What would Ted Haggard say? [LA Times]