Booty Parlor Sexes Up Vegas (More Than Usual)

Just in case you couldn’t find enough sexy times during your weekend binge in Vegas, the naughty-raunchy beauty and lifestyle brand Booty Parlor has opened up its very own pink-and-black shop in the Wynn hotel shopping esplanade. Looking for a little kinky help before hitting up that drive-thru chapel? Booty Parlor can help — stocked with beauty products, romantic treats, toys, accessories, lingerie (lots of the aforementioned pink and black), and the company’s signature LoveKits (i.e., “The Ultimate Date Night Experience” kit for $199, “The Sexy Mama Experience” for $119, and “The Sexy Bombshel Experience” running you $89) — there’s something for, well, everyone. And if you’re more interested in room service, they can send a licensed bootician (that’s not a typo) to your room armed with sexy lotions, potions, massage oils, and assorted “toys.” It’s the sexy Avon lady calling! [Booty Parlor via Racked]